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Barrier Properties & Permeation


  • Arnitel® TPC allows for very sustainable solutions, since it is PFC free and 100% recyclable
  • Arnitel® TPC allows for very comfortable and reliable solutions due to its high breathability and 100% waterproof performance under all circumstances, unlike perforated membranes


With Arnitel® VT, moisture vapour can pass from the inside to the outside of the garment, but the membranes are 100% waterproof under all circumstances, so they keep the wearer comfortable and dry. Unlike competing products, Arnitel® VT does not rely on perforations to make it breathable. Perforated membranes can have their waterproofness compromised when they are washed or come into contact with liquids such as alcohols or fuels. Perforations also reduce the strength of the membrane, making it easier to rip. Perforations can get clogged too, causing the membrane to lose its breathability.

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Arnitel® VT