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  • <ul> <li>Stanyl® PA46 offers the safest solution for USB connectors due to high HDT's a CTI rating of 600V is achieved (enabling up to 27 Watt power). The high CTI Stanyl® fails only after more than 2x the number of salt solution droplets compared to a lower CTI LCP during CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) test.</li> <li>Due to the high wear resistance Stanyl® PA46 shows no sign of wear after 10,000 insertion/extraction cycles, where a PA9T shows a clear wear out at the mating surface after durability tests.</li> <li>Stanyl® PA46 allow for cost effective solutions due to its excellent processability and high flowability, enabling thin walled designs and strong weld lines. Stanyl PA46’s weld line strength is 3 times higher than that of a LCP or PA9T.</li> <li>UL94-V0 at 0.2mm wall thickness, extensive color portfolio, including light colors. No blistering in USB-C connector designs.</li> <li>Stanyl® PA46 powers high-bandwidth USB-C connectors for Virtual Reality - Virtual Link Connectors (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) for headset cameras and sensors.</li> </ul>


DSM’s Stanyl® PA46 HFX31S and HFX61S are the safest, most productive and wear resistant USB-C materials in the market. Receptacle on appliance side: Stanyl® PA46 HFX31S – 20% Glass Reinforced, High Flow, Halogen free and free of red phosphorous. HFX33S is a cost competitive alternative. Plug on cable side: Stanyl® PA46 HFX61S - 35% Glass Reinforced, High Flow, Halogen free and free of red phosphorous. HFX82S is a cost competitive alternative with a slightly lower flow. Contact us for extensive CTI, creep and blister testing, as well as product and tool design.

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