Brake Tubing with Arnitel® CM622

Automotive | Safety Restraint Systems | Braking Systems

Application Data Sheet

Design challenge
Cost Reduction & Function Integration
Degradation & Stability | Thermo-oxidative stability


  • Arnitel® TPC allows for light weight solutions (75% lighter compared to rubber)
  • Arnitel® TPC allows for cost effective solutions (up to 50% lower system costs than rubber)
  • Arnitel® TPC allows for sustainable solutions (compared to PA12, Arnitel is a plasticizer free solution)
  • Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to its peak temperatures resistance up to 180°C – 200°C and its good heat aging due to continuous use temperatures 120°C – 170°C


Congratulations to General Motors Co. and Cooper Standard. Together we won the SPE innovation award in the category "Materials" for vacuum brake tubes in Arnitel®. Read more: Also other Arnitel® grades are used for Brake Tubing. Arnitel® TPC also used in Air Brake Tubes.