Integrated Air Inlet Manifolds (up to 230°C)

Automotive | Engine | Air Intake

Application Data Sheet

Design challenge
Degradation & Stability | Thermo-oxidative stability
Secondary operations | Welding (Laser and Ultrasonic)


  • <ul> <li>Stanyl® Diablo and Akulon® Diablo allows for 40% lighter and 20% lower system costs in comparison with metal</li> <li>Stanyl® Diablo allows for reliable solutions due to its long term heat resistance up to 230°C (in absolute strength values better than PPS) and due to its great welding strength (even better than PA6)</li> <li>Akulon® Diablo positioned to be positioned upto 220 ˚C</li> </ul>


DSM is inventor of Diablo heat stabilizer technology and has a strong patent position. Akulon® Diablo positioned to be positioned upto 220 ˚C.

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Stanyl® Diablo - Akulon® Diablo