Smartwatch Straps

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  • Arnitel® TPC allows for comfortable solutions due to its good soft touch and feel, a nice surface finishing and a tuneable hardness below TPU's and TiPSiv
  • Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to its good colour and UV stability, its excellent mechanical properties and its high performance at low & high temperatures


Arnitel provides a good balance of physical and chemical properties: the end product has superior soft touch and feel, is very comfortable to wear in in direct skin contact, and causes no allergic reactions. Arnitel is resistant to perspiration and to the various oils and other liquids that the strap of the watch is likely to come into contact with during use. Furthermore, the material is easy to process via injection moulding, and can be used in hybrid over moulded structures with other thermoplastics such as polycarbonate. The intrinsically bright Arnitel polymer, together with its high UV resistance, enables the production of compounds in a broad range of colours, including ultra-white.